GE Monogram Design Center

GE Monogram: Architect:  Von Weise Associates

General Contractor:  Norcon

Scope of Work: 4000 sq. ft.


The GE Monogram center is a collaborative space between professionals and homeowners, where a level of sophistication comes through by the integration of technology.  Upon entering this showroom one notices the live video wall, this wall consists of (4) 55” LCD panels in a configuration of a 2 X 2 setup.  On this live video wall, GE has the capabilities of selecting any of the demonstrations going on in the showroom and projecting them to the wall system.  Each demonstration prep area has a set of cameras dedicated that allow for hi-def. feedback and video recording capabilities.  This wall uses the latest technology for video walls by having the capabilities to split the video wall into 4 different section or 1 main attraction.  The advanced features of viewing the screen as one main attraction is the minimal frame surrounding the screens, which allows for the division between the screens to be minimal.

This is another way technology is engaging all designers and homeowners to be active within the space.  This space is true balance of how technology can be integrated into a showroom. This one utilizes natural materials to effectively give the ambiance of a home environment.  This 4000 square foot space promotes many additional extensive audio visual systems, sound systems and lighting control.

A word from our tech experts

We were proud to do the installation and to support this business. May success follow our continued partnership.

~ REX Team