DePaul Solar Project

Lincoln Park, IL

Rex Electric & Technologies, LLC has confirmed their commitment to “going-green” with the installation of 30 solar powered lights at DePaul University’s Lincoln Park Campus. With the successful completion of the project, an incredible 1,314 pounds of carbon dioxide, 7.6 kilograms of sulfur dioxide, and 2.55 kilo grams of nitrous oxide will be kept from polluting the atmosphere each year. DePaul University’s electric bill will also be greatly reduced with the installation of these panels.

The lights will use 10 Watt LED cubes as a replacement for the 175 Watt metal halide bulbs that were previously in place. The Solar Modules have a lifespan of 25 years and each light will be powered by an 85 Watt module. The solar powered lights and panels will decorate the Lincoln Park Campus primarily in the Campus Quad and the Concert Hall area. The lights are from Sepco Inc. and Illinois Solar Products.

Mike Bosco, the project manager for the installation, stated that “Rex has pledged to become more environmentally conscious and installing these solar panels is a great way to move forward with that commitment. Our Energy Solutions Division is continually seeking energy efficient technologies to introduce to our clients.”

A word from our tech experts

Our work is on display at the main DePaul campus, and we are proud to support the vital role of theatre in our community and an institute that has be a member of Chicago commerce since 1925.

~ DePaul REX Team