Electrical Service and Maintenance

REX provides virtually unlimited electrical services on an ongoing basis to building owners throughout the Midwest. No matter what time of the day or night, your company can rely on our 24/7 commercial maintenance services to keep your power on. Our fully equipped service fleet of more than 30 vans and our team of highly trained technicians with troubleshooting, arc flash and OSHA expertise, is available 24/7 to meet your needs.

We recognize that your electrical infrastructure is critically important, and we’ll work with you to develop a maintenance and testing plan to ensure years of uninterrupted service. Preventative measures such as regular Infrared Scanning provide early notice of potential problems and are key to solid and predictable up time.

Data Centers

Mission-critical resiliency is of the utmost importance in today’s world. Modern data centers must recover from network failures in milliseconds to have a near zero impact in a broad spectrum of industries. Power and data cabling needs in these facilities require in-depth knowledge and precise planning an execution.  REX’s long history of success in this arena has made us a critical partner for many of the largest data center facilities in the region.

We are proud to have met the extremely high standards of the most scrutinizing mission-critical clients.  Our experience and depth of knowledge has led to many successful partnerships.



Enhance your office atmosphere and employee productivity with the effective workplace lighting solutions REX provides.  From functional light fixtures to elaborate designs, our installation teams can create an innovative yet cost-effective solution for your lighting requirements.

Lighting technology is rapidly changing, and LED-based fixures are the new norm.  REX provides extensive retrofit and upgrade solution options that allow clients to take advantage of the energy savings and precision optics that LED devices provide without having to engage in a full-scale remodeling of your space.

The Full Range of Solutions include:

•  Office Environment Lighting
•  Indirect Lighting
•  Courtroom Atmosphere Lighting
•  Dimming Controls
•  Retail Lighting
•  Classroom Lighting
•  Low-Voltage Decorative Lighting
•  Accent and Track Lighting
•  Energy-Efficient Fluorescent Lighting
•  Parking Lot and Site Lighting